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Forbes Family History Group Inc

(Specialising in the history of Forbes and District)

P O Box 574, Forbes, NSW 2871, Australia

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General Research           

1992 Genealogical Contact Reference

DW & P Lawson

A Beginner's Guide to the Register General's Office

A guide to Locating & Searching Records of Australia Vol 1 Book 7

James McClelland

A guide to Locating & Searching Records of Australia Vol 2 Book 8

James McClelland

A Story of Marist Bros in Australia 1872 - 1972

Br Alan Doyle

Address Book - F F H G

Ancestry Magazine


Annual Report 1995 Keep Australia Beautiful Council

Archi Vista (Archives News)

Archives Australian - Holding on to our history

Archives of NSW. Guide relating to Federation - Sept. 2001

Archives Office Card Indexes held at Kingswood

Archives Resource Kit

State Archives

Australia - Contrasts in Colour

Australia - The Great Southern Lands

Australia - The Land of their Heritage

Carmelite Nuns

Australia Family Tree Connections

Australia From Empire to Asia

J C Bright & P West

Australia Through Time 1995 Diary

Australian Almanac & Book of Facts 1994

The Bulletin

Australian Archives - Starting Your Search - Video

Australian Commercial Dictionary

Sir Keith Yorston, Ian Winlaw

Australian Dictionary of Dates & Men of The Time


Australian Facts & Figures No 84

Aust News & Info Bureau

Australian Joint Copying Project - Part 4 - War Office

National Library & NSW State Library

Australian Joint Copying Project - Part 8 - Miscellaneous Series

National Library

Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook - Parts 2 & 3

Australian Place Names

Brian & Barbara Kennedy

Australian Vital Records Index 1788-1905

4 CD set

Australiana - A Select Listing Of Books Held By Hawkesbury Shire Library Service

Australias New Parliament House

B. D. M's and Other Research, etc.

BDM Certificates in Australia

Young & Harris

Business Whos Who of Australia - 11th Edition


Catalogue Australian Microform Comp Records & Monumental Inscriptions

Catalogue Overseas Microform Cemetery Records & Monumental Inscriptions

Chandeliers & Billy Tea 1880 - 1894

Peter Cuffley

Compiling Your Family History

Nancy Grey

Computers For Genealogy Guide

Janet R Worthington

Dating Family Photos 1850 - 1920

Lenore Frost

Delving into Digger

Anne Jessel

Dictionary of Old Trades & Occupations

Andrew & Sandra Twining

Early Australia Samplers 1831 - 1940

Embroiders Guild Vic

Early History Of the Penny Royal Watermill & Gatenby Family 1812 - 1862

Fact Sheets - National Archives

Faith of our Fathers the Redemprorists in Australia 1882 - 1982

SJ Boland

Family History For Beginners


Family History Searchers Encyclopaedia

James McClelland

Family Tree Magazine -

Finding Families - A Guide to National Archives

First Name Variants

Alan Bardsley

Free Genealogy Research


G.R.D. mid 1984, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002

K. A. Johnson & M R Sainty

G.R.D. 2006

K. A. Johnson & M R Sainty


Genealogical Research Directory - 2003

Genealogy & Heraldry National Library of Australia

Genealogy Roadshow


Genealogy Textbook

Janet Reakes

Genealogy using Spreadsheets

Nick Reddon

General Research Information

Getting Started - Guide for new Researchers

National Archives

Guide to Local & Family History Resources Northern Rivers NSW

Annette Potts & J Riley

Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry


Heraldry - A Complete Guide

A.C. Fox - Davies

Historic Retrospect 150th Anniversary Celebration Founding of Australia

How to search the Catalogue

National Library

How to trace the History of your House

Des Regan

How To Trace Your Convict Ancestors

Janet Reakes

How To Trace Your Family Tree - America

USA Gen Institute

How To Trace Your Missing Ancestors

Janet Reakes

How to Use Parish Registers

Janet Reakes

How to Use the Finding Aids to the State Archives

How to Write & Publish your Family History

In A Granite Mountain - Morman File

Index to Miscellaneous Family History Magazines to 2003

Blue Mountains F. H. S.

Info From the Internet (BDM)

Internet Information & Useful Web Sites

Interviewing Elderly Relatives

Eve McLaoughlin

Janet Reakes Newspaper Cuttings

Kingswood Search Room - Microfiche held as at 26 June 1987

Kingswood Search Room - Microfilms held as at 26 June 1987

Lane Cove Library Family History Resources (Flat file)

Libraries, Museums, etc. (Flat file)

Life of the Reverend Daniel James Draper

Rev John C Symons

Litlink One: Readings By Writers From Across N.S.W.

Living Stones The story of the Methodist Church in Canberra

James S Udy

Lost Innocents: Righting the Record. Report on Child Migration

Senate Community Affairs Committee

Microfiche Australia (Macbeth)

Microfiche B.D.M. (Macbeth)

Microfiche Catalogue Australia (Gould Catalogue)

Misc Research Info NSW & Vic

My Ancestors were Jewish

Isobel Mordy

National Library of Australia

Nick Vine Hall Newspaper Cuttings

NSW Council of Tourist Association 1964 - 1988

Old Handwriting (How to Decipher)

Old Occupations from British Family Tree magazines

Parish Registers in Australia

Nick Vine Hall

Planning Your Family Reunion

Debra Squires & L Barraolough

Plumbing, Gasfitting & Draining

Building Services Corp

Presbyterian Church in NSW - Centenary History (only parts copied)

Rev. James Cameron

Presbyterian Church in NSW - The Challenge of the Years (only parts copied)

Rev. C. A. White

Punishment, Pardon & Promise, Government & The People 1788 - 1988

Reading Old Writing

Eve McLauglin

Register BDM Information

Registry Newsletter

Relations in Records

Australian Archives

Research - Orange Flat File

Roots & Branches Ancestry to Australia

Errol Lea - Seorett

SAGS - Guide to the Library 1983 & 1984


Short Cuts & Money Saving Ideas For Genealogy

Janet Reakes

Specialists Indexes in Australia - 1994

Judy Webster

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 1 - Collectors Books 1891 Census

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 11 - Colonial Secretary. Index & registers to letters received 1826 - 1900

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 13 - Government Transport - Correspondence Files 1902-1938

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 14 - Surveyor General. Surveyors' field books 1794 - 1830

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 15 - Record Group N C S Colonial Secretary Part 2 Correspondence Supplement

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 15 - Attorney General & Attorney General & Justice Special Bundles 1822-1977

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 2 - Publicans Licences

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 22 - Ships carrying Immigrants and Settlers to NSW 1828 - 1896

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 24 - Dept of Education Subject Files 1875 - 1948

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 26 - Bench of Magistrates Sydney District List of Hearings 1788 - 1820

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 27 - Preservation of Books and related Materials by John Davies

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 28 - Photocopies

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 3 - Electoral Rolls

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 31 - Preventative Conservation- Basic Conservation Techniques By John Davies

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 33 - Attorney General and Justice Registry of B.D and M. Microfiche Copies of Indexes to B.D.and M 1788 - 1899

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 35 - Attorney General and Justice Registry of B.D and M Microfilm Copies of Registers of Baptisms, Burials and Marriages 1787 - 1856

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 4 - B. D. & M. Records

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 6 - Maps and Plans

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 7 - Land Grants 1788 - 1856

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 8 - Select list of sources for genealogical research

State Archives of NSW Record Group NBNE and NDSB - The Administration of Education Under Two Boards 1848 - 1866

State Archives of NSW Record Group NCE Council of Education 1866 - 1880 Preliminary Inventory

State Archives of NSW Leaflet No 32 - Police Department Special Bundles 1846 - 1963

State Library of NSW General Reference Library

Style Manual

Test Cricket Lists

Atkinson, Dawson, Broadman

The 1992 Genealogical Contact Reference

D & P Lawson

The A to Z Genealogical Handbook

Janet Reakes

The Australian Joint Copying Project for Family Historians

Colin Sheehen

The Best Place In The World


The Catholic Diocese of Bathurst Chancery Archives Information Leaflet

The Catholic Records Index 2nd Ed.

Liz Vincent

The Cradle Church of Australia - History of St John's Parramatta 1910

Rev Canon HM Arrowsmith

The Family History Centre - Kiama

The First Discovery of Australia & New Guinea

G Collongridge

The Onslow Tourist Heritage Trail

The Port Phillip almanac Directory

JJ Mouritz

The Presbyterian Way of Life

John A MacKay

The Real McCoy

Eileen Hellicar

The Reverend Richard Johnson

NK MacIntosh

The Society of Genealogy Guide

The State Library of NSW Introduction to the Mitchell Library

Thomas Mitchell

Lyndsay Gardner

Trace Your Family Tree

Tracing Your Family History In Australia

Nick Vine Hall

Tracing Your Family Tree - Australia & New Zealand

A G Puttock

Tracing your Family Tree - No 1 Australian Generations July 1984

Tracing your Family Tree - No 2 Australian Generations July 1984

Tracing your Family Tree - No 3 Useful Books July 1984

Unlimited Internet Access - AOL.

1 CD

Whats in a Name (Flat File)

Where Did I Read That 1997


Where to find the International Genealogical Index

L Vincent

Woman of the Land Gathering - Cobar September 1996

J Gibson & M Walcot

Women in Australia Parliament & Local Government

Dianne Decker

Your Guide to the Amazing North

Dianne Decker

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